Image: 5 Days by Jun Kiyoshi.

5 Days by Jun Kiyoshi | ToA Connect

Mixed Media

“I have published an art piece generated by computer programming along with the source code on my blog and social networking sites every day. There are over 1,300 of them published.

5 Days is a mix of 4 days’ worth of results, mixed with image processing to create the day’s product. The red sphere symbolizes the ‘circle of the sun’ of Japan. It rises every day in a never-ending cycle.”

Jun Kiyoshi – Generative Art and Coding – Sound Effects

ToA Connect is a creative project connecting artists through digital implementations – collaborating traditional artists/designers with new media or converting computer languages into art.

In a world of digitalization, the use of computer has become an alternative or the next generation of pencil and ink. With the increasingly importance of new media, we would like to collect, connect and explore the interactions between traditional art/design practice and digitalization through this project.

Through accumulation of creative concepts and educational implementations, Time of Art (ToA) operates and manages traditional artistic heritage, develops platforms to showcase innovative ideas, bridges traditional with contemporary art whilst aiming to be the pioneer and promoter of creative culture.

Watch curator, Marcus Wong, in conversation with host, Adolfo Aranjuez, talking about the artworks from ToA Connect.

5 Days by Jun Kiyoshi is presented as part of ToA Connect and Mapping Melbourne 2020-21.

Principal Partners:
City of Melbourne, Creative Victoria and Australia Council for the Arts

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