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"A FEMININE CONVERSATION is a space where I converse with diverse women and hear their stories with an open mind. It means so much to be part of Dunyia Behter, as connecting with my culture through this commission has opened so many doors for me. I am very excited to share this commission with the world, and for everyone to hear the stories of the women that I spoke with.

I have always wanted to do a project like A FEMININE CONVERSATION. I enjoy widening my perceptions and educating myself from others and this was the perfect opportunity to do so. I was very lucky to have interviewed these women, all who are dear friends of mine, and got to learn many things from their personal experiences, as well as hold space to share my own."

Episode 1: Elise

In this interview, BER chats with Elise!

"We talk all things assistance dogs, with a focus on elise’s journey with psychiatric assistance dogs, and her assistance dogs luna and joey, memories pertaining to our high school experience, mental health, especially during the global pandemic, travelling, life experiences, memories of old friends who have passed on, gratitude and how to find the beauty in everyday moments."

Elise (she/her) is a plant obsessed gal who lives with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and lives on Wurundjeri Land. She lives life alongside her trusty partner in crime Joey (also known as Jo and Jojo) who is a six year old German shepherd assistance dog, who is specifically trained to help alleviate some of her symptoms of PTSD and allows her to access the community just as any other nineteen year old would, and enjoy life to the max!

Episode 2: Breanne

In this interview, BER chats with Breanne!

"You’ll hear us talk a lot about our journey as musicians, finding and connecting to our culture, along with the difficulties and doors that open up when you find yourself, especially with a focus on breanne’s culture and how she weaves it into her art form, songwriting with a focus on world issues and cultural issues, songwriting together, our wonderful lil song EMPRESS, and plans for the future as young artists."

Breanne Peters is an eighteen year old musician/singer-songwriter. She is a proud Māori/South African wāhine (woman) who loves to incorporate her culture in her music. Her music is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and all other platforms.

Episode 3: Abby

In this interview, BER chats with Abby!

"Here, we talk about her experience sailing to many different islands and living on a boat for six years, her memories of adventuring in the snow, canyoning, rafting and rock climbing, how she plans to pass on her love and passion for exercise and the outdoors to others, her memories growing up in New Zealand, and her aspirations to be a part of the NZ air force, as well as future plans to backpack and bike around Europe and Africa."

Abby is nineteen years old and is currently living in Nelson, New Zealand, in her second year of studying Adventure Tourism & Outdoor Recreation at the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology. She has sailed around to many islands, and has lived on a boat for six years with her family, and hopes to one day join the New Zealand Air Force.

Episode 4: Hannah

In this interview, BER chats with Hannah!

"We discuss all things cystic fibrosis, her experiences with the Royal Children’s Hospital, dealing with an invisible illness and condition, ways on how to approach someone with cystic fibrosis, awareness around the stereotypes of cystic fibrosis and education around the subject, gratitude to frontline healthcare workers and dealing with having cystic fibrosis during a global pandemic."

Hannah is sixteen, a lover of all things creative, true crime and dogs. She was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, a genetic and life threatening illness at six weeks old. She is currently in her first year of VCE and hopes you enjoy the interview.

Episode 5: Winona

In this interview, BER chats with Winona!

"We discuss our experiences growing up as Australian Born Chinese, the struggles around Asian stereotypes, racial discrimination, behaviour towards Asians due to the global pandemic, connecting with our culture, pride, personal experiences of empowerment, difficulty and self love, as well as discussions around the beauty standard, alongside generational expectations of outwardly appearances, Asian representation in mainstream media, Asian icons (Simu Liu, Awkwafina, Eugene Lee Yang), Asian high schoolers in leadership positions as well as being the ones to voice out and represent our community."

Winona is eighteen, currently entering her first year at the University of Melbourne, studying a Bachelor of Biomedicine, alongside a concurrent Diploma in Music Performance. She one day hopes to become a paediatrician, to give back to her community and has served her school in various leadership positions. Winona is incredibly passionate about her heritage and educating others, and enjoys teaching and sharing with others about her culture.

A FEMININE CONVERSATION by BER is presented as a part of Duniya Behter.

Duniya Behter is supported by the Victorian Government through the Priority Response to Multicultural Communities during Coronavirus (PRMC) program.