Artwork by Taga Barrio

Ali Diri by Taga Barrio


"Ali Diri (Come Here) is an immersive space that was composed of resin sculptures moulded from my own body, spoken word poetry, music, soundscape (bonfire and seashore), online booklet, curated smells (beach and filipino flora), UV/Invisible painting and UV light interaction.

This work creates an experience, a space for people to see how I welcomed, struggled and celebrated my identity and journey of existing in a new space, a place that isn't my motherland but having the feeling of loving my motherland, the longer I am away from her.

The visitors were allowed to use their 4 senses; sense of smell, seeing, touching and hearing. The aim is to make each visitor have a different experience, to take them on my journey, but in a way they have some control on how they go through this space.

With my works, in any way, shape or form it may take. I share to my participants a piece of my world, a chance to be in my space but in their own way. My body of work is an extension of my mind, body and soul, where my journey as I live on this earth as a queer, immigrant, Filipino woman is somehow represented, seen, and explored in a contemporary storytelling context."

Paguban (Coming Together)

Gugma (Love)

Perlas (Pearls)

Perlas: excerpt from poem "Perlas" (Pearls) for this sculpture,

"And I will wear the pearls of my motherland, despite currently existing in a no man's land.

Though one might not see,
One might not feel,
One might not hear,

My cries and fears.

With the use of my body and my pearls,
I will nourish this dry soil, and won't allow any existence of turmoil.

With my voice, body and pearls,
I will make sure that I will be the champion of my women and girls"

Paguban, Gugma and Perlas in UV

Ali Diri - Immersion POV

"This allowed me to create one of my most extensive storytelling pieces. I was able to stimulate my participant's 4 senses through my journey, through the form of art. I love the idea of knowing that each person that walked through it was guided of my journey was, but all their interpretation varied. My words were only a mere guide of their journey of being in my space and life.

Being part of the Ahead of the Curve allowed me to create this space that I have always dreamed of. I hope to deliver more of this in the future."

Presented as part of MAV’s Ahead of the Curve program.

Supported by The Victorian Department of Families, Fairness and Housing.