Becomes by Miss Cairo


"Becomes is an exploration of self. It’s an intimate moment of self discovery in nature, taking and holding my own space in my own body. The piece allows the viewer into a moment of care, love and kindness as I shed the expectations of how my trans body moves through the wold.

Originally part of a comedic piece, through therapy, coaching and the stars aligning I realised I needed to hold space in my own body without using my body as a punchline. I have been supported and guided by Sapidah Kian in reconnecting to my body as a dancer/mover to fully take ups space and release the burdens society has put upon me.

The cinematographer, Adam Lee, held space for me to explore, giving me full agency in this moment. He provided a space between us of voyeur and participant and captured a part of my beauty I didn’t realise existed."

Content Warning: Nudity.

"I am so grateful to have been given the resources from MAV to explore my body artistically, which removed expectations of deliver and outcome.

I’m proud of this piece of work that allows me to be vulnerable yet totally in control of my self. It’s not something I often get to explore, nor do I often get an opportunity to explore my own body/body of work in such an intimate and complete way."

Presented as part of MAV’s Ahead of the Curve program.

Supported by The Victorian Department of Families, Fairness and Housing.