Image: 黑芝麻 (Hei Zhi Ma). Photo by Jane Inyang.

Big Bao presents: Medium Spicy 2


Medium Spicy 2 is presented by Asian-Australian artist collective Big Bao. A second iteration of Medium Spicy 2019, this virtual project pairs 3 sound artists with 3 visual artists to create a series of works bringing together the richness of the Asian-Australian creative experience.

“In this project, we want to be able to give audiences the chance to share a contemporary understanding of Asian-Australian community with us, beyond the red bean cakes and straw mat gatherings portrayed in stereotyped understandings of Asian diaspora. As migrants and children of migrants, these contemporary understandings start within our personal worlds and move beyond them, into our families, communities, double identities and ancestors.

We hope that Medium Spicy 2 can be a way to share these feelings and moods.”


A Filipino femme gets ready for a hot dinner date – a dinner date with themselves.
They treat themselves to a feast of Filipino desserts, celebrating their heritage, their feminine sensuality and their pleasure.


Using juxtaposition and opposition in a fusion of moods, movement and colour, this work explores diversity in the same space.


A self-exploration of the body during isolation.
lovingly morphing // flesh touching pleasure and pain // in beautiful skin

The video work of Sydney Farey is a response to sound work by 黑芝麻 (Hei Zhi Ma)

Big Bao presents: Medium Spicy 2 is presented as part of Mapping Melbourne 2020-21.

Principal Partners:
City of Melbourne, Creative Victoria and Australia Council for the Arts

Supporting Partners:


Big Bao


Big Bao is a collective comprised of Angela Schilling (Oliver White/Take Your Time/DJ Cookie), Vivan Vo (Small FRY) and Yeo Choong (Yeo).

Michelle Nguyen

Sound Artist

Michelle Nguyen is an emerging sound artist exploring glitch, noise, dance, and psychedelia in sound. Since 2020, Naarm-based artists, Michelle Nguyen and Grace Quiason have collaborated on experimental audio-visual pieces for Signal and MAV.

Grace Quiason

Video Artist

Grace Quiason is an emerging video artist focused on experimental filmmaking through manipulating analogue processes with glitch and remix. Since 2020, Naarm-based artists, Grace Quiason and Michelle Nguyen have collaborated on experimental audio-visual pieces for Signal and MAV.

Tavis Pinnington

Video Artist

Originally from the suburbs of Hobart, Tavis Pinnington relocated to Melbourne in 2013 to study a Bachelor of Film and Television at Swinburne University and pursue a career in filmmaking.

Ali Adriano

Sound Artist

Ali Adriano is a Melbourne based multidisciplinary Artist/Creative – formally trained in acting and filmmaking, and self-taught bedroom producer/singer.

Sydney Farey

Video Artist

Farey is motivated by the beauty in the mundane. Her art practice unites a complex range of often contradictory references from her life and experiences.

黑芝麻 (Hei Zhi Ma)

Sound Artist

黑芝麻 (Hei Zhi Ma) is a sound artist based on Ngunawal, Ngunnawal, and Ngambri Country. A master of building emotion and narrative in her sets, 黑芝麻 weaves spoken word, poetry, and film samples into breakbeat, techno, trance, and jungle.