Image: Adolfo Aranjuez. Self-portrait.

Borealis by Adolfo Aranjuez


“Sometime during the surreal year that was 2020, I encountered a New Yorker essay on the history of loneliness and the relative recency of humans living alone by choice. As one of those humans—I’ve lived on my own, happily, since 2013—I couldn’t help but consider how, in some serendipitous way, my solo lifestyle had prepared me for the pandemic. Yet this year (for me and for others) has also been about confronting big things like finitude, legacy, intention and what it means to love. Partly, as I unpacked in this MOD. Museum piece, I responded by resisting the inertia of political and personal complacency. But, existing in solitude and mostly the same, single location, it felt a little abstract grasping exactly what I was working towards.

Borealis is at once reflection and provocation, taking the form of both a retrospective of the year-that-was and a transmission from the future. Through words and movement, it plays with the idea of routine (a hallmark part of living alone) to explore dis/connection, inter/action and vulnerability. It also examines the permeable lines between solitude, seclusion and solipsism, as well as the negotiation of bodies and spaces, through one lone wolf’s lockdown experience.”

Music Credit:
vbnd – ‘Trying to Forget’
Olmos – ‘Hold Me’
Moonove – ‘Veeren’

Borealis by Adolfo Aranjuez is presented as part of Mapping Melbourne 2020-21.

Principal Partners:
City of Melbourne, Creative Victoria and Australia Council for the Arts

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