Gabby. Photography by Arun Munoz

Cada Hogar es un Mundo by Arun Munoz


“***Cada Hogar Es Un Mundo (Each Home Is A World Of Its Own)***
Positive Adaptation During Times of COVID-19

This is the first stage of a long-term project about how transgender and gender-diverse people have positively adapted to self/social isolation imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic. The daily challenges for ‘normal’ coexistence are enormous for everyone, and even more so for the transgender community. This community has needed to adapt to a new reality of job losses, home-schooling, uncertainty and dislocation in a way that intersects intimately with the discourse around identity, rights and visibility.

Through this work, I wanted to engage in a dialogue about life during and after COVID-19: to understand how the transgender community feel, act, adapt and cope in such challenging times. Their trust was incredible. Opening their homes for me to capture a glimpse of who they are, and their willingness to talk about their lives, was an act of pure generosity. I hope the images do justice to their personal strength, genius and hope for the future.

Heartfelt thanks to the sitters: Alex, Sage (Wergaia Country), Myah, (Wergaia Country) Sheree (Wergaia Country), Sebastian, Xander, Sharon, Markus, Bear and Gabby.”

All above photographs by Arun Munoz.
Assistant Director – Pamela Kleemann-Passi.

Cada Hogar es un Mundo (Each Home Is A World Of Its Own) by Arun Munoz is created for Shelter 2020.