Still from UpClose 2022

Camille El Feghali | UpClose 2022


“My performance includes a variety of folk and classical songs coming from different parts of the middle east (SWANA region). We showcase these diverse and rich cultures in a contemporary way, while staying faithful to the features that make it sound unique, through the use of microtones, odd time signatures, and Taqsims (improvisations). The instruments include: Qanun (Arabic harp), Nay (Arabic flute) and Derbuka/Riq (percussions).

What I love about being part of UpClose is that I get to represent my musical heritage in a program that includes various musicians who perform different styles of music to be appreciated by everyone.

The engagement with people in public places such as Preston markets was a highlight for me as I got to meet people from my own culture who showed their appreciation as well as people from different backgrounds who asked me lots of questions about it.”

Camille is accompanied by Aseel Tayah (Palestine) and Rosco Heck (Australia), performing traditional songs that tell stories of resistance and dislocation.

UpClose 2022 is proudly presented by MAV in partnership with Harmonic Whale.

Supported by Darebin ArtsCreative VictoriaAustralia Council for the Arts, and Preston Market.