Nesian Blue. Photo by Mimi Leung.

Can We Talk by Nesian Blue


Nesian Blue have contributed to the Duniya Behter Project to write a song called ‘Can We Talk’ about their experience through COVID lockdowns.

“We wanted to express what mental health meant to us as Polynesians. We understand traditions and expectations which play a part in our mental health.

During covid, our mental health was affected badly, but there was one thing that kept us thriving, and that was God. Through God we overcame our struggles and all we had to do was call out. All we had to do was talk to him, ask for his guidance and that's exactly what we got. He answered our prayers.

This song gives us strength in whatever we do. It helps us remember that in tough times we can always turn to God.”

Can We Talk - Lyrics

Can I talk to you?
You know what I've been through
It's been hard, we’ve been through enough
I cant believe with all these people that need you
You still have time for me

You always answer my calls
You never leave me on read
Follow everything that you said
Your words feed my soul

You said to use our gifts
You gave me a voice that I'll lift to praise you
Grateful for the lessons
And thankful for the blessings
You are my inspiration

He talks to me (I got so much to say)
He guides me (Bow my head down and pray)
He leads me (Won’t you lead me..)
He loves me

Keep talking to me (I can’t believe with all the people that need you)
Keep guiding me (Keep talking, keep loving)
Keep leading me (You said to use our gifts)
Keep loving me (Talk to me, keep loving me, I need to hear you...)

Can We Talk by Nesian Blue is presented as a part of Duniya Behter.

Duniya Behter is supported by the Victorian Government through the Priority Response to Multicultural Communities during Coronavirus (PRMC) program.