Image: Centre For New Geography. Photo by Jacob Perkins.

Centre For New Geography by Victoria Chiu and RDYSTDY

Mixed Media

CENTRE FOR NEW GEOGRAPHY is a new digital place designed and built by artists.

It is a place that looks and feels like our experiences of being in a place, of being from a place, and of our own bodies being a place where other places come together.

Geography is the study of where things are, and why they’re there. Choreographer Victoria Chiu and video artists RDYSTDY, collaborate with dancers Nebahat ErpolatKatina OlsenRaina Peterson and Kristina Chan, to apply questions of geography to the body and to choreography.

Centre for New Geography experiments with dance as a process towards creating a space, to achieve an immersive sense of place that can only emerge from exploration of the layers and patterns of interaction, through the body as both site and catalyst for friction.

Please be patient, the website may take a few moments to complete loading. Once it has loaded, click on ‘Join Room’ and follow the instructions provided. You may create your own avatar and change your display name. Please ensure to grant microphone permission and test your audio before entering the room.

Watch the artists, Victoria Chiu and Hana Miller (RDYSTDY), in conversation with Adolfo Aranjuez, talking about their work here:

Centre For New Geography by Victoria Chiu and RDYSTDY is presented as the Visual ID of Mapping Melbourne 2020-21.

Principal Partners:
City of Melbourne, Creative Victoria and Australia Council for the Arts

Supporting Partners: