Still from Choice by Samuel Gaskin

Choice by Samuel Gaskin


A spoken word piece by creative BOSS Samuel Gaskin that examines the power of Culture being marginalised and oppressed.

“Oppression helping me navigate COVID-19 like a BOSS.

My objective to go within and seek comfort and direction from my ancestors. Looking at the gift that is a history and culture so rich and diverse within my bloodlines and how I can use this to my advantage in times that seem uncertain and grim to others.

Karakia Timatanga Manawa mai te mauri nuku Manawa mai te mauri rangi Ko te mauri kai au, he mauri tipua Ka pakaru mai te pō Tau mai te mauri Haumi e, hui e, taiki e! Embrace the life force of the earth Embrace the life force of the sky The life force I have gathered is powerful And shatters all darkness Come great life force Join it, gather it, it is done!”

Written and performed by Samuel Gaskin.

Choice by Samuel Gaskin is created for Shelter 2020.