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Conquering The Demons by Beven Elankumaran


Conquering the Demons is the creative development of a programmatic work that is designed to musically exhibit an artist’s mental struggles in life, especially in the context of this pandemic.

If the emotions of depression and anxiety were recorded and programmed as sounds, what will it sound like?

Can such a narrative be portrayed musically?

To what extent can Indian Classical Instruments be coerced to create sounds that depict disease, unease, uncertainty and chaos?

These are the questions we seek to answer through this project.

Conquering The Demons by Beven Elankumaran and Keshav Ram.

"Artists are the most vulnerable to such adversities given the unstable nature of their work. This narrative of standing up to adversity and to show strength is what this project is about. This MAV program is about coming together as artists through our shared experiences and acknowledging that the ups and downs in an artist's life will always be there. Even if we are neglected by society as “non-essential” we must show strength and stand together to make sure our voices are heard."

Presented as part of MAV’s Ahead of the Curve program.

Supported by The Victorian Department of Families, Fairness and Housing.