Image credit: Nakarin Jaikla. Drop. Photo by Bhavin Mettanant.

Drop • 雫 • หยาดหยด by Nakarin Jaikla


Drop • 雫 • หยาดหยด” is a collaborative project between myself and Tithipol Kanteewong and Cyouka Ogata – Thai and Japanese Musicians based in Japan. I use my body to portray the story of water and expresses myself through “Yoake”. “Yoake” is the music that combines Thai and Japanese instruments together in a concept of ‘It is raining. It is an image that the flow of water starts from a water source for a drop.‘

This project explores the idea of finding new meaning and ways of being. As you can imagine, a drop of water may resemble a small force at the beginning of its descent. Nevertheless, as time goes by, and the force of the falling droplet builds, plummeting towards the ground, it can create immense power, penetrating even the hardest of substances. Imagine, thousands and thousands of drops combining to create an enormous force, this could be the force of new-born life and create anything beyond our imagination and perceptions. Therefore, even the smallest things should not be ignored, as when they combine, they could become a powerful energy that affects everything around us.”

Drop • 雫 • หยาดหยด by Nakarin Jaikla is created for Shelter 2020.