Photography and design by Updesh Kaur.

Eating the Other by Jazba Singh


"I created EATING THE OTHER as a response to the oppressive structures of the world we live in- to reflect the complicated realities of navigating this world as an immigrant and woman of colour.

I wanted to explore the damaging reality of racial micro-aggressions; of death by a thousand cuts. And most importantly, I wanted to centre a Brown female perspective on these topics in an unfiltered and honest way- for once, not trying to be palatable to the world around me, but to resist and speak my truth honestly."

Writer/Producer/Director/Actor: Jazba Singh
Co-Producers: Taysha McFarland, Sasha Leong and Pauline Pham
Executive Producer: Ren Ruidi
Director of Photography: Nicholson Ren
Production Design: Carletta Childs and Annika Rigg
Film Editor: Jeremy Teh
Original Music Composer: Beven Elankumaran
Camera Assistants: Caitlin Wong and Ali Jahani
Sound Recording: Chris Tuazon
Hair and Makeup Artistry: Jass Dhaliwal and Jazba Singh
Trailer Editor: Jazba Singh
BTS photography/videography: Updesh Kaur and Kirtan Singh
Lead Cast: Jazba Singh, Jyoti Bhatia, Frank Kerr, Elizabeth Sandy and Kale Grant
Supporting Cast (in Trailer): Tass Tokatlidis, Mezi Atwood, Hassan Ahmed, Julie Cookson

"EATING THE OTHER follows the story of an enigmatic South Asian protagonist as she carefully navigates her love life, professional life and family life as racial tensions simmer. But when she finally reaches a boiling point, she can no longer suppress her appetite for a reckoning.

Being part of Ahead of the Curve has meant a lot to me: as an immigrant and an emerging female BIPOC filmmaker. It's made me feel seen/validated in this industry. This trailer is the first step towards realising the whole short film of EATING THE OTHER which I couldn't have made without MAV's support."

Presented as part of MAV’s Ahead of the Curve program.

Supported by The Victorian Department of Families, Fairness and Housing.