Film still from ec/h/o/er/ro/r by Michelle Nguyen and Grace Quiason

ec/h/o/er/ro/r by Michelle Nguyen and Grace Quiason


"ec/h/o/er/ro/r is an 8 minute experimental audio-video work focussing on vivid imagery and subconscious meaning through reworking and merging analogue and digital media.

The work features digitally glitched and processed content from sources such as tape audio recordings, footage shot on Super 8 film, and archival family videos.

In our collaborative and personal processes we are investigating diaspora identity, community and intergenerational memory.

Themes of nostalgia, glitch, and abstraction convey a shifting mood and overall encapsulation of memory and culture, with its complex but relatable ambiguity."

Content warning: Glitch effects throughout the video may affect those sensitive to visual stimulation.

"Our work looks at intergenerational memory in the context of marginalised people creating culture and community in resistance to (or glitching) the structures of white supremacy and binarism.

Glitch is our point of interest for this work as it ruptures and disobeys commands in order to hold space for authenticity created from multiplicity, possibility, and narratives of resilience in diaspora communities.

It has been a special opportunity for us to be part of Ahead of the Curve and explore, contribute to, and celebrate diaspora culture within an artist community."

Presented as part of MAV’s Ahead of the Curve program.

Supported by The Victorian Department of Families, Fairness and Housing.