Image courtesy Youbi Lee

Family Budget Plan by Youbi Lee (UB)


“Like many others, I like to plan with timelines and budgets, as this helps make life more predictable and thus comfortable.

However, being an artist, a migrant and a mother, there were many moments that I couldn’t control, or shouldn’t, try to control. Reality is way more complex than what we can imagine, people have uncontrollable characteristics and the future has been always uncertain. And this can be stressful, but also provide opportunities for new and unexpected transformations.

Playing with these themes, in webtoon (digital comic) format, the story involves a mother in Melbourne and her experience of homeschooling during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Having long been a visual artist, in recent years, I have moved more towards coordinating live art projects. Despite this move, drawing comics has remained a passion of mine since childhood.

With the pandemic and the shutdown much of the arts industry, most of my planned future art projects were cancelled. Taking this as an opportunity, I have decided to pursue my oldest dream to become a comic artist. The Shelter project provided a great start point toward this journey.”

Family Budget Plan by Youbi Lee (UB) is created for Shelter 2020.