Netsanet by Zelalem Negatu


“The hard lockdown was a difficult and confusing time for me and triggered some bad memories and feelings from my past.  I wrote this song on the second day of lockdown when I almost felt as if we wouldn’t get out alive!

Netsanet (Freedom is Expensive) ነፃነት ዋጋው ውድ ነው is based on a native Ethiopian scale and captures a mix of emotions I felt – anger, sadness and loneliness.

It captures the missing of human contact. It questions the meaning of freedom, the meaning of life.

It’s a prayer for better days.”

Written by Zelalem Negatu
Drum Programming – Zelalem Negatu
Arrangement and Keyboard Solo – Zelalem Negatu
Bass Guitar – Chris Frangou 
Lead Guitar – Jack McCarty
Saxophone – Solomon Sisay
Vocals, Mixing and Mastering – Nhattnael Ayalew (Nhatty Man) at Milo Mix

Netsanet by Zelalem Negatu is created for Shelter 2.

Shelter 2 is proudly supported by VicHealth, Creative Victoria, City of Melbourne and Australia Council for the Arts.