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Friendship Facts Podcast by Nadia and Yvette


Nadia and Yvette have developed a podcast series exploring issues around friendship and peer pressure, trying to guide people to create the change they’d like to see in the world by forming strong, enriching friendships.

These podcasts feature the sisters in conversation, sharing their own incredible experiences with personal struggles and offering insight into different types of friendships.

Their hope is for this work to help others choose the right people to keep in their lives, empowering them to make their own decisions and make themselves the priority.

For Nadia and Yvette, a better world is a world in which people know how to be a good friend, supporting and helping others instead of leading them astray.

Episode 1: The Sad Truth About Friendships
Episode 2: Peer Pressure
Episode 3: Be Your Own Superhero

“We thought it was a good opportunity to get our message out into the community and hope our work created through Duniya Behter will go beyond our local audience and reach people globally. We are excited to use the new skills and knowledge we have gained to benefit others and help them make strong decisions.”

Friendship Facts Podcast by Nadia and Yvette is presented as a part of Duniya Behter.

Duniya Behter is supported by the Victorian Government through the Priority Response to Multicultural Communities during Coronavirus (PRMC) program.