How We Feel by TruSoule | Voices of the Beautiful Struggle

Spoken Word

“The song, How we feel, came from a collective expressionist point of view from my peers and community’s experiences during last years harsh lockdown of the housing estates in Flemington and North Melbourne.

It’s an honour to be apart of this project. Thank you 🙌🏾”

“I’ve started Prolific Studio so I can assist in nourishing the amazing talent Melbourne youth have to offer musically.

The 9 towers lockdown was a devastating time for our community. Witnessing the injustice and inhuman way our people were treated. This has brought so much anxiety within our community.

When MAV gave me the opportunity to curate and produce an EP compilation for the Shelter 2 project, it was a great honour to be able to work with a group of talented and resilient young people who experienced the effects of this lockdown.

Especially as a past Flemington housing estate resident, this project was very close to my heart.

We have a long way to go to repair the damage made. However I’m a true believer that art can open dialogue and begin the healing that we all need.”
– Khaled Abdulwahab, Founder, Prolific Studio.

How We Feel by TruSoule | Voices of the Beautiful Struggle is created for Shelter 2.

Shelter 2 is proudly supported by VicHealth, Creative Victoria, City of Melbourne and Australia Council for the Arts.