Image credit: I never saw you again. Photo by Gelareh Pour.

I Never Saw You Again by Gelareh Pour


“I never saw you again
The eyes of dead ones are born with stars
Amongst you all, I was looking for someone who never arrived
I guess, the ocean’s tears were dried, with no rain
The lonely bird would not have escaped the ocean for the tears of my eyes
I never saw you again
Not in the wind, not in the lantern
I never saw you again
Not on the butterfly’s eyelid, not in dew’s dream
I never saw you again

Being involved in Shelter gives me the sense of community and togetherness that I miss and had the fear of losing during the COVID-19 crisis. I am not alone, nor anybody else. With creativity and making connections, my love and passion for music has always pushed me through boundaries. During the current crisis, my home is the place of creation and it is going to be the foundation for recording a piece from my history.”

Kamancheh and Voice by Gelareh Pour
Percussion by Brian O’Dwyer
Composed by Gelareh Pour with Brian O’Dwyer
Recorded and mixed by Jono Gilmour
Video by Gelareh Pour

I never saw you again by Gelareh Pour is created for Shelter 2020.