Joelistics presents Film School: Still the Quivering Air


“Who knew in the midst of writing a collaborative album of weird beats and psych jams I would find treasured collaborations with film makers and dancers?

Joelistics Presents Film School: Still the Quivering Air is a lot of things, it started off as an album and evolved into a series of collaborative filmed dance pieces that work as a unified whole drawing imagery from Asian ghost stories recontextualised in suburban Melbourne.

With this music and the film, I wanted to weave an eerie feeling, reminiscent of empty streets, a distant sense of dread and the hypnotic patterns of lockdown life. I wanted the dancers to personify our collective fear of sickness and loneliness and how those fears dance at the edge of every moment we hold dear.

Musically it is a blend of Pan Asian psychedelia, post rock stylings and lo fi synth scapes, made from the scraps of your ancestor’s vocals, dusty loops and traditional Chinese and Western instruments.

The underlying feeling of this project is a meditation on the anxiety of our times and the transcendence that comes from facing fear.”

You can also watch the opening night premiere with Joel Ma and Film School collaborators in conversation with Margot Tanjutco here:
*Please note, for best quality audio and visuals, watch the film (Still The Quivering Air) via the above YouTube link.

Film School Credits;

Created by Joelistics

Directed by Rhys Graham

Devised in collaboration with Joel Ma, Elle Shimada, Yumi Umiumare, Tony Yap, MaggZ, Parvyn Singh, Mindy Meng Wang and Hailey Cramer

Produced by Rhys Graham and Natalie Nalesnyik

Yumi Umiumare
Tony Yap
Elle Shimada
Hailey Cramer
Parvyn Singh
Francesca Mountfort
Joel Ma

Music composed by Joel Ma

In collaboration with;
Guzheng -Mindy Meng Wang
Cello – Francesca Mountfort
Violin – Elle Shimada
Guitar – Mat Robb
Drums – Thomas Mitchel
Vocals – Parvyn (Parvyn Singh)
Vocals – HAYCH (Hailey Cramer)

Visual ID by Kemal Ezedine

Cinematographer – Alex Cardy

Editor – Natalie Nalesnyik

Gaffer – Hannah Palmer

Steadicam – Hannah Palmer

Colour Grader – Daniel Stonehouse / Crayon

A production of Daybreak Films, 2020

Joelistics Presents Film School: Still the Quivering Air is presented as part of Mapping Melbourne 2020-21.