Image credit: Ai Yamamoto. Photo by Toshiki Tanaka. Prop and costume by Kiki Ando.

Kibou (hope) amongst Chaos by Ai Yamamoto


“This shadow image is shot in our kitchen. Shadows appear on this wall in April, May and June and these images are a reminder of autumn days. The autumn golden light brings some hope (kibou) and melancholy, always.

Especially, the year of 2020 has caused a lot of chaos amongst all. And still these are a lot of challenges are ahead of us.

This shadow image represents light (hope) and darkness (chaos) like Yin and Yang. Both light and shadow make each others existence. It is life.”

Video and Music by Ai Yamamoto.

Kibou (hope) amongst Chaos by Ai Yamamoto is created for Shelter 2020.