Image courtesy the artist

LONE by Nargis Alsakir

Spoken Word

Nargis has created a poetic video work about the loneliness of the pandemic.

It is a way of reaching out to others who she knows must be out there, who went through similar things.

This work is a vessel for communicating vulnerable, lived experiences that she hopes more people can be brave enough to talk about and be listened to with compassion and understanding.

“The opportunity offered by Duniya Behter was nothing I had been given before and I immediately felt that it was a really special project. Growing up in Australia as an ethnic child, we were never seen as special. We were always put to the side, but with Duniya Behter I feel like my voice, experiences and opinions really do matter and have value. I really enjoyed meeting new people and being able to open up after being very reserved for such a long time.”

LONE by Nargis Alsakir is presented as a part of Duniya Behter.

Duniya Behter is supported by the Victorian Government through the Priority Response to Multicultural Communities during Coronavirus (PRMC) program.