LOVECORE still by Margot Tanjutco

LOVECORE by Margot Tanjutco


“LOVECORE is dead behind the eyes and trying to cheer itself up. This piece is a video collage of my own writing, found/archival footage, gifs, and music.

LOVECORE is the tension between individual and capitalism diffused into a floral body mist (expired).

LOVECORE is the pockets of imagined escape, yearning, and performative blasé I experienced in iso. It’s being trapped at home, working full-time, and being a little spiteful, as a treat.

LOVECORE is defined in the Aesthetics Wiki as “an aesthetic based on the visual culture of manufactured romance & affection”. It reminds me of our attempts to see and be seen. How in quarantine, a new voice emerged: one enlightened, soft, and almost menacingly tender.


Content warning: mild swearing

LOVECORE by Margot Tanjutco is created for Shelter 2020.