Artwork by Supansa Thongsuk (Nicky).

Moment of Hope by Supansa (Nicky)


“I have an interest in the self and the human body. I find the realism of life translates through the human body. I hope to show the importance of my cultural diaspora, through my humanist imagery.

I have painted a hand into a symbol of a home, which is a universal symbol. Regardless of what language the audience speaks, this icon will relate to them in some way. And each person will create their own story behind my painting.

When you actually flip this hand symbol upside down, the audience will see another image pop up (it will be the heart).

I would like the audience to find the new meaning within my art.”

  1. As a home\
  2. Shape of heart

All above paintings by Supansa Thongsuk (Nicky).

Moment of Hope by Supansa (Nicky) is created for Shelter 2020.