Image credit: Sandy Hsu. Photograph by Danielle Zhang.

‘Mother’ by Sandy Hsu


“Who are you when you are alone? Who do you perform for?

During this period of isolation, we are being forced to slow down and practise self-reflection — it is almost confronting to just ‘be’.

Who are we without our crutches, our distractions, our excuses ..? When there is nowhere to be, and nothing to show up to.
“Being busy” has become synonymous with “productivity”. We forget there is beauty in stillness.

‘Mother’ is a song about internal reconciliation and understanding that the greatest truth is in the natural world. She is our greatest teacher, patient and stoic. It is about wanting to reconnect, and to emulate that resilience and humility in a new state of mind.”

‘Mother’ by Sandy Hsu is created for Shelter 2020.