Muzghan | Shepparton Culture Kitchen 2023


"Its hard coming to a new country, its [like] being a new child in a new world...but cooking brings comfort as long as the kitchen is kept clean!" Muzghan's powerful story of finding freedom from the Taliban and taking control of her own narrative, as she enjoys cooking her Afghani dishes at the Shepparton Culture Kitchen.

Shepparton Culture Kitchen is a significant arts initiative centering the diverse voices of local diaspora communities, to build a future in which our communities are connected through empowering, healthy, and sustainable food culture. Starting with a seed project in 2020— the second cohort of Shepparton Culture Kitchen is an intergenerational, intercultural group of 6 local diverse women. As experts in their own lived experiences, the women draw on their personal stories to build and diversify local knowledge around food cultures and healthy eating.

“I love Shepparton Culture Kitchen program because it encourages female refugees to share their foods from their own cultures. It’s a great program it brings us women together and we talk about families, great memories of our childhood and an opportunity to share our stories.”

MAV is proud to partner with Greater Shepparton City Council and POD Studio to elevate the voices of local, culturally diverse artists and community and to be a conduit for community self-determination.