Visual Identity by Mimi Leung

My Hero by Mercan Kasikci

Visual Art

Mercan’s digital drawing tells the story of her relationship with her mother, which has been affected by generational trauma and the friction many children of immigrants are familiar with growing up in a culture vastly different from what their parents know.

She hopes people realise that in her experience, parents love their kids no matter what even if they may not know how to show it very well.

“Duniya Behter gave me the chance to get my message out there. I wanted to express my experiences growing up, struggling with my relationship with my mum. I thought it was a good opportunity to use my art to show kids that it’s important to respect their mums and that a mother’s love is not like any other. It’s also been great a great chance to experiment with digital drawing and use an iPad and Pencil for the first time.”

My Hero by Mercan Kasikci is presented as a part of Duniya Behter.

Duniya Behter is supported by the Victorian Government through the Priority Response to Multicultural Communities during Coronavirus (PRMC) program.