My Story by Sumaya | Community Stories


“I created this recording because during the hard lockdown we weren’t notified and only had one hour’s notice before our freedom was taken away. No time to prepare. We didn’t have enough food to eat at home and it made us feel like we were in prison. I want other people to know what it was like for us during this time and how it affected our mental health and our wellbeing.”

Following the announcement of the Shelter 2 commissions program, MAV worked with North Melbourne tower residents Reem Yehdego and Barry Berih, to host several online info sessions.

These sessions created a safe space for residents to connect and talk about the arts, about their experiences of the lockdown, about life in the towers in general.

They generated particular interest amongst young people from the community who led some lively discussions and sharing of stories, experiences and reflections on the hard lockdown.

While most chose to limit their engagement to these online sessions, 3 of the young people involved wanted to share their stories and perspectives with the world.

My Story by Sumaya is created for Shelter 2.

Shelter 2 is proudly supported by VicHealth, Creative Victoria, City of Melbourne and Australia Council for the Arts.