Still from বাসা (Nest) by Anindita Banerjee

বাসা (Nest) by Anindita Banerjee


“An authentic home is a place that physically holds memories. When one moves several times, they have to negotiate the challenge of packing up memories to bring them along. This is particularly difficult for young people whose memories tend to be built over time on an assemblage of familial stories, old objects, photographs etc. Both under twelve years old, Ishaan had lived in eight homes and Jiya, in six.

In বাসা (Nest), through the tactility of drawing, painting and intimate conversation we literally and metaphorically stitched our collective memories of the various physical spaces we have lived in. While the gesture of ‘making’ becomes a channel for reconstructing an assemblage of home, the drawn object becomes the holder of the story. Next time we move the act of packing memories will perhaps be easier.”

Ishaan Ray (contributor)
Jiya Ray (contributor)

বাসা (Nest) by Anindita Banerjee is created for Shelter 2020.