Image: Still from UpClose 2021

NOMAD for UpClose 2021


“The songs in this video are both quite personal and intimate.

The first song, "Kind Regards", I had written during the 2020 lockdown. At the time, I was watching the youth of my Polynesian community struggling with their identity while simultaneously being vilified by Australian media. I took it upon myself to remind my brothers/sisters that we come from Chiefs, Voyagers and Pioneers. Our ancestors mastered treacherous waters in order for us to be here and that we owe it to them to lead and shine our light on the world.

The second song, "Enchilada", I wrote for my fiancé, to capture our relationship as it is now. We both work, and we are raising 2 children (no. 3 on the way) and we have no time to ourselves. So when date night comes around, it's a big thing even if it is just dropping the kids off somewhere, going to a local GYG (Guzman y Gomez) and catching a movie. She's the one who supports me in everything I do, she blessed me with my babies and any opportunity I can enjoy her company and give her my full attention is important to me and that's what this song is about.“