Image: Jonathan Homsey. Photo by Shannon May Powell

not your zaddy, not yet your asian fantasy by Jonathan Homsey


“I am a queer man who is a person of colour ; I am also white passing.

I have been divorced for seven years now and my dance with online dating is one that is constantly frustrating. The tropes of being ‘too fat, too femme or too Asian’ for me is the converse for me. The ones I get are that I am not fat enough to be fetishized, too dominating of a personality and not Asian enough for their ‘taste.’

I do not believe a short dance can be the answer to this sea of micro-aggressions many of my community experience on these apps. However, this work is a vulnerable offering of self acceptance of who I am and to ‘shake off the haters;’ I hope that inspires and lifts others.

Racism and oppression in the LGBT+ community is rampant and I hope this video motivates other Queer People of Colour (QPOC) to brush the people off who implicitly and explicitly project oppression and sexual racism.”

not your zaddy, not yet your asian fantasy by Jonathan Homsey will premiere on the MAV website on Thu 17 Dec 2020

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Credits: Featuring choreography by Trevor Santos for the 2nd verse and bridge of Jaydean’s I Don’t Care. Performance and improvisation by Jonathan Homsey.

not your zaddy, not yet your asian fantasy is presented as part of Mapping Melbourne 2020-21.

Principal Partners:
City of Melbourne, Creative Victoria and Australia Council for the Arts

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