Artwork by Christos Linou

Nudes Descending by Christos Linou

Visual Art

Nudes Descending is an abstract dance duet, oil on canvas painting. It depicts support of two characters descending down a flight of stairs, influenced by Marcel Duchamp, 1910 painting of ‘Nude Descending Staircase.’ The work is a direct consequence of Coronavirus and I painted the figures in risky decent down a complicated flight of stairs, based on the graphic lines of an Escher drawing. The painting has an op-art influence. It’s intentionally graphic in composition with the effect of a two-dimensional painting and illusionary perspective.

In redefining what I do as the artist and waiting in limbo in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, I have chosen transformation and staying creative in the sustaining of my practice and expanded my cross-disciplinary art skills in painting, music and writing.

As the choreographer the primary place of work is the dance studio, requiring body contact with other artists and during this time of social distancing, one can seem left out or forgotten and not of value. However, being accepted into the MAV Shelter project embodies the opposite to that thought, where the motto ‘we’re all in this together’ rings true and I’m delighted to be part of a program of artists, where we can be recognised during this time of solitary crisis.

I have been developing new creative practices. In particular, I have been painting as an extension of my choreographic practice through a self taught home-based learning system.”

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Nudes Descending by Christos Linou is created for Shelter 2020.