A still from Chi Tran’s film 'There Is Nothing Else Known In The Sky That Does That'

Sanctuary, a Liminal Series of Art & Writing


This film is an introduction to ‘Sanctuary’, a series by Liminal and co-presented with MAV’s Ahead of the Curve commissions. ‘Sanctuary’ is guest-edited and introduced by Panda Wong, features work by Eric Jiang, Mo Chamas, Munira Tabassum Ahmed, Anuraag, Tanya Wong, and Xen Nhà, with design by Anny Luo.

We would also like to acknowledge that Sab D’Souza was also commissioned for the ‘Sanctuary’ series and would like to recognise the loss of this vibrant, intelligent, funny and deeply caring artist.

Please explore the ‘Sanctuary’ series here: www.liminalmag.com/sanctuary

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