Awakening by Stefan Berhardt.

Shining a Light by Stefan Berhardt


Shining a Light is a series of photographic art that highlight both resilience as well as battles we are experiencing in this moment in time. I believe that through these dark times, a light shines through as an opportunity to wake up and accept the need for change; be the change. This is the narrative of my series.”


The darkness in this context is isolation, the unknown, uncertainty injustice and now unrest. Through these extraordinary changes and events we are experiencing, a chance to awaken shines through, hence the light in this context, is hopefulness. I’ve photographed a hand reaching out to the light amidst the oppressors to highlight both resilience and battles we have experienced and are experiencing in this moment. The hand that reaches out, is a hand that embraces change, it chooses to persist and fight for hope.

Letting go

Apart from uncertainties that most of us are left to face in a global pandemic, for me, there is also not knowing when I will be able to physically see my parents and grandmother who live overseas. This is where I thought of incorporating paper planes, to create a dreamlike piece of photographic art. Paper planes remind you of your childhood and evoke a sense of optimism, wondering how high or where it could reach. I photographed a ray of light, along with a hand launching a paper plane, to portray not only the idea of hope and optimism, but the idea of letting go – to represent both strength and subtlety. We have to let go lightly and be hopeful, it is your will that takes flight.

Layers of Change

The sense of touch, a small luxury we have taken for granted, a simple handshake is now a forbidden gesture. I’ve used light and shadow through a layer of material which creates a pattern, an obstacle- a layer of change. Through this pandemic, we’ve all experienced layers of change. My intention was to spark the imagination of the viewer to think about how we overcome these layers and obstacles and start re-imagining the new normal.

Together Apart

Using hands that are separated through a cell-like shadow, I wanted to portray the notion of most of us having lost some freedom, security or control. Although staying apart keeps us together, it is also a time to find creative ways to connect and support each other through these emotions and loss.

All above photographs by Stefan Berhardt.

Shining a Light by Stefan Berhardt is created for Shelter 2020.