Image: Still from UpClose 2021

Stefania Serna for UpClose 2021


"These two original compositions are the outcomes of two stages of my life where music was the way of healing my heart and soul.

Una Premisa - Written back in 2018 - was the cathartic exercise to overcome from my previous relationship. It reflects all the stages that I had to go through to forgive myself and let my frustrations go. As well, it is a really important work for me as it was my first original composition. Lyrics written by me and arrangements made in collaboration with friends/colleagues - Vashti Siebell, Elizabeth Obando, Cristian Saavedra and Josh Bennier. Whilst the recorded version is a Salsa version, this is the acoustic version which is very expressive and sincere.

Little Things - Written in 2020 - this is my latest composition which shows all feelings I experienced during the lockdown we had in Melbourne last year. 2020 was a rough year for everyone and I must be sincere - It was a year full of experiences and learnings for me. After experiencing health concerns, loneliness and anxiety, I understood that the way to move forward was counting my blessings - everyday - an exercise that I've committed to do on a daily basis. Little Things came to my life as a way to calm my soul and be hopeful for better upcoming days."