Image Credit: SUNDAY, Laura Cionci, 2020, digital photography

SUNDAY by Laura Cionci


“My everyday life is outside my usual spaces. I got stuck in Australia and had to integrate into a family life. This is my new artistic production: flowing into the interstices of an already existing intense relationship.

There is the intimate space, the cultural difference, the linguistic limit but a form of love so free that a program is created within every freedom. There is no invasion, only a new form of learning, an enrichment, so every element becomes work, every gesture, spatial structure, manual work, all together in a great exchange without the need for any type of extra material. From these delicate talks comes the musical track “SUNDAY“.

Adrian passionate about music, meets my shamanic drum and generates an environment of reflection, of meditation that brings us together in a state of trance. A place that can belong to everyone. This sound accompanies an intimate moment that helps one’s energy, relaxes the mind, breathing, remaining connected to oneself, transforming itself inside the sound. The shamanic drum works on the electromagnetic waves of the brain in half-sleep and thus favors the production of images, a sort of lucid dream that can bring important information.

If you generally meditate, this track is perfect for the occasion. Seeing is believing. All art, like music, MUST have a use and therefore be useful to the community, always, now more than ever.”

Music Credit: Adrian Flynn – Bass

SUNDAY by Laura Cionci is created for Shelter 2020.