Still from Sunshower by Jonathan Homsey.

Sunshower by Jonathan Homsey


"Sunshower is an instructional dance video to help you relax and reflect on your own identity through self-massage and movement. You can either watch the video, find a comfortable place to sit or lay down and join in! It is not a requirement to watch the video as you move with Sunshower."

"Sunshowers don't make sense to me but they exist. We can experience rain and sun at the same time on our bodies. I was reading a book on 'double sensations' in Footscray while waiting for a bubble tea and the work came to me. I hope Sunshower is a gentle entry to unpack one's own cultural intersectionality through self-massage and movement.

Ahead of the Curve provided me with the time and space, crucial things in this chaotic decade, and I am grateful to be part of this program. Us artists of colour have the urgent call to unpack this tumultuous world and how we can survive it; I hope Sunshower can provide a soft entry point to inspire others how to unpack it as well."

Presented as part of MAV’s Ahead of the Curve program.

Supported by The Victorian Department of Families, Fairness and Housing.