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The Bittersweet Podcast with Rahel Davies and Wintana Kidane


"Bittersweet and Bittersweet Talks is dedicated to highlighting and celebrating the stories of accomplished and inspirational people of colour in Australia.

As part of the project, we produced 6 pieces of work, 5 of which were part of the Bittersweet talk segment.

These included interviews with:

  • Shilpa Bihm: The founder and editor of Glowreel, an online weekly newsletter dedicated to sharing the news, stories and achievements of women of colour in Australia.
  • Aćol Agaar Apollo aka POOKIE: rapper, songwriter, composer and producer
  • Chrissy Zemura: Hair Stylist, educator and business owner
  • Malaan Ajang: International model
  • Karinda Mutabazi: creative director and stylist

Overall the purpose of our project was to provide a platform for stories that are generally ignored in mainstream Australian media. We also wanted to create a sense of community by producing and showcasing relatable content made specifically for people of colour."

Live Podcast: Melbourne Fashion Festival | Redefining the Fashion Industry in Australia
Bittersweet Talk ft. Pookie
Toxic diet culture, body positivity and embracing your natural self
Bittersweet Talks ft Ayuol Manyok
Bittersweet Talks ft Chrissy Zemura
Bittersweet Talks ft Shilpa Bihm

"It has been an incredible journey creating our final pieces as part of the Ahead of the Curve commissions. We are especially proud of Bittersweet Talks, a new segment we launched as part of this project. Through this segment, we were able to meet and interview so many amazing people and share their stories on our platform.

We are very grateful to MAV and the Ahead of the Curve team for selecting us to be a part of this program. The whole experience has been amazing and has allowed us to grow significantly as young creatives of colour."

Presented as part of MAV’s Ahead of the Curve program.

Supported by The Victorian Department of Families, Fairness and Housing.