Image courtesy the creative.

The Soundtrack of 2020 by River Loizou


“With this piece of work, The Soundtrack of 2020, I’ve tried to create an auditory story using cinematic music to reflect certain events throughout 2020. In each event, I’ve aimed to mimic different genres such as “Super heroes” “Horror” and “Action”.

The piece begins with a dire tone that warns of a treacherous path ahead, which then moulds into the excitement of new years eve. The second stage is the terror of the virus and tries to capture the ‘evilness’ of it. This then flows on to the saddening events of the George Floyd incident which is designed to encapsulate the devastation of what happened. Continuing on into the 4th stage is music aimed at reflecting the chaos that has arisen since the previous incident. Finally, the piece ends on a more positive note as a hopeful sentiment to everyone waiting for life to return to normal.

This is the first major project I’ve created and I’d love to use the platform provided by MAV to network with anybody with experience or business to do with film scoring!”

Music: River Loizou
Narration: mikejfvo (Fiverr)

The Soundtrack of 2020 by River Loizou is created for Shelter 2020.