Image credit: Giovanna Da Silva. Photo by Fabrizio Evans

Transcend by Giovanna Da Silva

Visual Art

“The concepts I have explored for this project are ‘finding new meaning and ways of being’ and ‘transformation’. These ideas are ones I have carried with me strongly for the past few years and are so crucial in these times we are in. The notion that our lives can change drastically with no warning is something we don’t think about much until it happens.

A lot of us have felt taken aback by what is happening in the world and to be mindful that growth and self transformation can come out of unprecedented times is a huge advantage in coping with it all. Generally transformation involves a bit of work and possibly a bit of pain as we break out of our norms to allow space for new things and ways of being. I have portrayed this aspect of the transformative process through contrasting shapes and colours.

This three-part artwork represents stages of growth and breaking through unhealthy thought patterns, I have used colour tones that for me reflect embracing my feminine sensitivity. Allowing myself to feel all the emotions that come through and listening to what they have to say has always been my most effective process for growth.”

Transcend by Giovanna Da Silva is created for Shelter 2020.