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Uncertain Times by Serah Nathan and Hayley Beveridge


Uncertain Times is a comedy about Hayley and Serah, two housemates from the suburbs, desperately trying to navigate their lives during coronavirus and the subsequent lockdown restrictions. Hayley suspects she’s contracted the illness, so the friends have to keep themselves in quarantine whilst Serah tries to find her a cure. Out of work and out of things to keep them occupied, will their friendship survive the pandemic?

“This limited web series was written, produced and edited by Hayley Beveridge and me. In accordance with physical distancing requirements, we taught our real-life housemates to operate camera and sound!

I hope for a future where kindness and community aren’t monetised at a corporate level. The series is a kind of smart-arse ode to the mental turbulence caused by some of the confusing messaging coming from ‘the powers that be’ every single day.”

Uncertain Times is certain that these videos contain some adult references so exercise discretion before viewing.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Uncertain Times by Serah Nathan and Hayley Beveridge is created for Shelter 2020.