Yellow Bird by Juju Nguyen

Yellow by Julianne Nguyen


"This is my sequel from my first short film ‘Grey' for the Victorian Multicultural Commission.

I explored the idea of the personal journey of surviving lockdown and how I made meaning from the loss of paid work and loss of being a ‘young adult.’ This second short film Yellow follows the experimental and semi-abstract tone from Grey.

Yellow tries to capture ‘resilience’ and an ‘energy’ of our childhood youthful days that we have lost. Using my dad’s recording from his old handy-cam, my impromptu daily routine of playing instruments in my room and my sudden urges of self-reflection, I attempt to encapsulate the power of our own ‘self,’ our home routine that can provide some grounding, certainty and foundation in this ever-changing landscape of society.

Yellow is a message for young adults to reflect, remember, return, rebuild and reconnect to what is important to our internal values, our ancestors ways and what is in front of us that we may have forgotten pre-COVID days.

Yellow is an energy to move again, once again."

Yellow is a self reflective piece whereby one goes through re-flecting, re-setting, re-cleaning, re-evaluation, re-membering.

Here ‘Yellow’ is both a self-dialogue and self-reflection, part narration and part instrumental.

Yellow was made to give a renewal of personal strength, personal awakening and personal action in this uncertain world.

"Being part of Ahead of the Curve is an honour and privilege. Being able to tell my story and communicate it visually and auditory to a young adult audience gives me purpose and space for me to provide a level of truth- of how to perceive, make meaning and live through a post-lockdown life."

Presented as part of MAV’s Ahead of the Curve program.

Supported by The Victorian Department of Families, Fairness and Housing.