Image credit: From Yellow in the Blue by Rachel Ang

Yellow in the Blue by Rachel Ang


“I make comics as a way to think about the spaces we inhabit and share.

Recently I’ve been thinking about the home as a really charged space where public and private have now completely collapsed. Doors are now barricades, screens are windows, spaces that were voids are now filled and curtains no longer promise privacy.

I’ve also been thinking about what it’s like to be physically separate from the people you love, like your partner and family. How do we open our hearts and provide emotional presence for people we are absent from?

Conversely, I’m also having to welcome professional connections into my home via Zoom meetings, people who I don’t necessarily want in my private space. Is the flipside of access, surveillance?

I have written something which interrogates our domestic spaces and how they have been opened up, challenged, celebrated and transgressed. ”

Yellow in the Blue by Rachel Ang is created for Shelter 2020.