Image courtesy the artist

You Don't Belong Here by Noor Alsakir


This hand-drawn animation uses two photos of Noor and her sister to show how she finds inner strength through her Islamic beliefs to counteract the societal pressures of living as a young Muslim woman in western culture.

Through prayer and remembering God, Noor finds peace, calm and acceptance of the harsh words and aggressive attitudes people of colour often face, even in the towns and countries they are born.

“I thought this was a very out there opportunity to be involved with a creative community that doesn’t come around very often. I was able to develop my own ideas through the workshop process. I’ve really enjoyed meeting other, like-minded youths in my area, sharing space, experiences and ideas. I’ve loved being part of a group of dedicated, smart young people working hard to get their ideas about important issues into the world. It’s great to have this motivation and platform to voice our thoughts and opinions, helping us reach more people than we could on our own.”

You Don't Belong Here by Noor Alsakir is presented as a part of Duniya Behter.

Duniya Behter is supported by the Victorian Government through the Priority Response to Multicultural Communities during Coronavirus (PRMC) program.