Image credit: Amicus Atman

Amicus Atman

Psychedelic Artist

Amicus Atman uses simple tools to create vivid imagery which is used to interpret feelings, emotions and perspectives. Leaving a background which focused on capitalistic principles Amicus decided to follow their heart in the form of expression and to focus on life itself through art.

Learning to use whatever within reach including plants, bells and paint, Amicus has also developed a range of interpretive techniques to tell stories.

Having practiced these artforms without formal qualifications, Amicus hopes to learn from those that are looked up to while adapting culture, mythology and magic in this modern world through their practice. Understandably there is a never-ending journey of things to learn and Amicus is grateful for the challenge.

Drawing from influences across the world, Amicus explores a variety of psychedelic art styles to create still and moving imagery. Amicus strongly believes in honoring the past while looking to the future for inspiration and teachings.

Image credit: Amicus Atman. Photo by Exclusive Photography. Edited by Amicus Atman.