Aurora Darby


Melbourne musician Aurora Darby (Khyaal Vocal Ensemble, Windari) has sought proficiency in an array of global styles that range from Western Classical, Contemporary Jazz, South Indian Carnatic, Brazilian Folk music and Free Improvisation. Aurora has learnt South Indian Classical singing for 8 years under the tutelage of Shobha Sekhar, Director of Kalakruthi School of Indian Classical Music, giving solo recitals at annual Tyagaraja Festival events.

Throughout her budding career, Aurora has had notable performances with numerous Indian-Jazz outfits and has met the highly respected Sri Guru Karaikudi Mani:

  • Feature vocalist on The No Ego Thing debut album, and international collaboration with Indian producer, Astronaut, 2021.
  • Global Rudra Parayana virtual Indian Classical music program, performance with Mopoke band, 2020.
  • Scholarship award for the Creative Music Intensive with the Australian Art Orchestra, 2015.
  • Indian-Jazz ensemble concert at Melbourne Polytechnic in honour of Sri Guru

Karaikudi Mani's 70th birthday celebration, 2015