Image courtesy the creatives.

Ausecuma Beats

9-Piece Band

Born of fusion, AUstralia, SEnegal, CUba, and MAli - Ausecuma Beats stands for unity. It is demonstrated through their combined musical influences and rhythms. Collectively, they represent diversity.

“We all see the hard work that lies ahead in the future. It’s not easy, and we all have different ways of thinking. But there is also something we all share, and that is humanity, and family. We have to teach our children, to help them on their journey.”

Their most recent album is named Musso; it means woman. It is dedicated to those who gave us life. It doesn’t matter how strong we are, how tough we are, or how lucky we are, in the chances we have been given. There is always someone who is worrying about us; there is no one who can be thinking about us more than our own mother. Musso is dedicated to the women in their lives and is sending respect to all women around the world.

Image courtesy the creatives.