Visual Identity by Clitories (Rukaya Springle).

Bexx Djentuh

Digital Media

Bexx Djentuh is a Maori (Tainui, Ngati Maniapoto) and Ghanaian woman from Aotearoa whose artistic practice focuses on digital media and queer and trans people of colour (QTPOC). She creates video works to accompany grassroots QTPOC events. Bexx has also programmed and curated QTPOC-centred arts, performance and community events on both sides of the Tasman, including Box Oceania, Alterity Collective, and events for Melbourne Fringe and Darebin Feast.

Whether working in digital media or programming, Bexx prioritises consent, safety, and inclusion, especially for young people, people of colour, people of faith, those with accessibility requirements and those who aren’t out as queer or trans.

Words that describe me:
XXXL | Aqua | bb

Words that describe my practice:
Digital | Visual | Editor

Photo by Flossy Roxx