Bellaqueo Live Sessions (artwork by Sergio Alferez)

Charlez Meza

Singer, songwriter and producer

Charlez Meza is a singer, songwriter and producer who tastefully blends Latin and Anglo influences into an original, contemporary urban sound. Reminiscent of the streets of his natal Colombia, his brand of melodic reggaeton shuffles in cumbia, rock, funk, hip hop and reggae.

Far from the Caribbean epicentre of the genre, Meza is one of very few musicians producing music of this kind in Australia. His lyrics explore new ways of expressing sensuality, love, passion, and unity, all wrapped in an energetic style of dance and party music, influenced by the sounds of Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Feid and other urban contemporaries.

Born to a musical family in Valledupar, one of Colombia’s most vibrant musical centres, and in Australia since 2013, he has developed into a versatile musician, building from his first instrument, the drumkit.

In the last few years, as a multi-instrumentalist and producer, he has released more than 5 singles and has featured in different events, productions and collaborations with local Latin artists like Sebastian Lugo, Anunnaki, Coya Lee (The New Monos), Oscar Jimenez (Amaru Tribe) and many more.

Photograph by Erin Lee